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Cover for Pasco City Councilman Leo Perales
Pasco City Councilman Leo Perales

Pasco City Councilman Leo Perales

Leo Perales is your District 3 Councilman for the great city of Pasco.
Its Your City. Expect More.

Can we finally stop with the slander ? Glad to see Garth have a new lease on life. ... See MoreSee Less

Can we finally stop with the slander ? Glad to see Garth have a new lease on life.

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These posts/videos/pictures put any slander/libelous statements to rest. Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue and Mattox Dog Training Academy are due a public apology from TCACS and the City of Pasco. The volunteer(s) involved represent TCACS. Thank you, Councilman Perales for sharing this post of Garth enjoying his new life of training. 🐾 💕

It Could Have Been Worse:

Short After 2300 or 11PM when much of society was sleeping peacefully, Pasco Police were out hunting the danger that some believe doesn’t exist. Now it was a calm and cloudless night, and the serene evening was interrupted by the sound of chaos as a vehicle had just crashed into a tree in the area of 28th/Lewis.

A Local Witness observed a husky male, who wasn’t dressed appropriately wearing only basketball shorts along with a fanny pack style bag, and a frantic female quickly exit and flee from the vehicle shouting things about the car possibly being stolen and a bag and took off away from the vehicle.

The Outstanding Officer Peoples found them, and the husky male decided since he was wearing athletic apparel wanted to try to race and off he ran, but unfortunately Officer Peoples was close behind him. Hopping tiny little fences, he lost his shorts and Officer Peoples was able to catch him and attempt to detain him….. BUT HE RESISTED and pulled away, but she continued to wrestle with him, losing her body camera and radio.

Thankfully backup arrived soon after and located the two and though suspect still wanted to escape and and fight and Officer Morrison (using his exceptionally large muscles) with the help of other Officers on scene calmly assisted the suspect over a 3-foot chain-link fence where the rest of the Pasco Police Officers were. The suspect was on his stomach and turtling up and unbeknownst to the Pasco Officers he had retrieved a firearm from the bag, and it was in his hand.

Him being on his stomach in the dirt it wasn’t long before the stupendous strength of the Pasco Officers (And superb training we do in these situations) caused his arms to be placed behind his back and in a pair of our super shiny handcuffs.

Upon rolling him over they discovered the firearm underneath him. There may have been a few pucker factor moments after that, but they continued their jobs and worked on identifying the male, though one officer had to wash his car out numerous times as someone may have vomited a few times in it after his exercise session.

The male identified as Anthony Hernandez (6/13/2003) had not one, not two, not three but Four….Wait…not four either but FIVE Outstanding warrants for his arrest including Driving While License Suspended 1st, Driving While License Suspended 1st, Driving while License Suspended 1st, Driving while License Suspended 1st, and of course Driving while License Suspended 1st . No, this isn’t a typo, he had 5 separate warrants all from separate jurisdictions (Columbia County, Benton County, Franklin County, Sunnyside, and Kennewick) all for Driving while License Suspended 1st. (Shocked Face Emoji)

Officers on scene backtracked the foot pursuit area and found a few baggies of a white powder (COCAINE!!) and in the bag he had on his person was some more of that no sugar substance along with a scale and some empty little baggies.

Now we didn’t forget about the female and neither did Officers on scene as she may have temporarily escaped the situation….but like we said, only temporarily as she was found arriving at the house the vehicle was registered to when Officers were already there questioning the owner of the vehicle about its whereabouts.
The female, who had been driving the vehicle causing it to crash, was identified as Desiree Gutierrez (12/12/2002) and she was placed under arrest for Hit and Run, as well as the recently common charge of DUI.

Sooooooooooo in summary:
The male, Anthony Hernandez was booked on his numerous driving warrants, Possession with intent to Deliver, unlawful possession of a firearm (he’s a felon) and possession of a stolen firearm. He did receive some fancy new orange clothes from the Fabulous Accommodations at Franklin County where hopefully he will spend some quality time.

Anyone with any further information regarding Pasco Case 24-0232332 please contact Non-Emergency Dispatch at 509-628-0333.

Have a good safe Friday

Happy Birthday to the US ARMY

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Tri-Cities Animal Control Authority meeting going on now! ... See MoreSee Less

Tri-Cities Animal Control Authority meeting going on now!

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Thank you for showing up. Thanks to everyone who spoke. Thanks to the gentleman who moved the chair so my wheelchair could be more easily placed.

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