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Leo Perales

Meet Leo Perales

Leo Perales’ great-grandparents and grandparents came to Washington from Texas in the migrant streams during the early 30-40’s. They worked the asparagus, cherry, potato, and cauliflower fields in the Sunny Side Valley for decades. Leo’s parents moved to the Tri-Cities from Sunny Side during the ’80s and established the Tri-Cities as their home for their growing family. Leo is the eldest son of Jennifer and Lloyd Perales. Leo’s father is a lifelong roofer and his mother is a former daycare supervisor. Leo’s grandparents and parents emphasized the “value of work ethic, self-reliance, the importance of family, and giving back to those who helped him”. This is where Leo internalized the value of service to others. Born in Pasco, Washington, and raised in the Tri-Cities for the last 35 years, Leo Perales calls Pasco his home and who’s watched it grow and prosper. He graduated from Columbia Basin College in 2012 and earned his Bachelor of Arts from Heritage University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Leo is a family man and has been married to his loving wife Janette for 8 years who are both proud parents to three wonderful children: Jade, Kingston, and Laia. Leo is the General Manager of Atlas Technical Consultants, a local engineering, civil engineering, and special inspection firm. His inspection and consulting work is extensive in the Tri-Cities area, assisting on projects from the new Kadlec Parking Garage in Richland, WA, to working on the area’s first Natural Gas Co-Generation Plant in Boardman, Oregon. He also provided consulting at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, from ERDF to the K Basins. Pasco projects include numerous road construction, administrative services, and city infrastructure work: Pasco Police Department, Process Water Re-Use Facility, Waste Water and Water Treatment Plants, Road Preservation Projects, the Zone 3 Water Reservoir, and many more.

Family Values Should Be Reflected In the Policies We Make As A Council.
Our Families Are The Building Blocks Of Our Pasco Community

Putting the Community First

Leo’s service to his community is extensive. He got his bug to engage with his local government due to a code violation for some weeds that got out of control at his parent’s house. He went down to city hall to see about this potential fine and had all sorts of questions for the city staff. That spurred him to get involved in his local government and he hasn’t stopped since.

Boards and Commissions Leo has served on:

  • HAPO Center Advisory Board
  • Block Watch Captain-Pasco Neighborhood Watch Program-Linda Lovissa
  • Downtown Pasco Development Authority Volunteer
  • Fiery Foods Festival Volunteer
  • City of Pasco Business Advisory Council
  • Vice President of the Latin Business Association
  • Member of the Antonio Zambrano-Montes Community Workgroup for Pasco Police Reform
  • Past Member of LULAC Pasco Chapter
  • Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Truancy Board
  • Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice Subcommittee on Racial Disparities
  • Kennewick Housing Authority Commissioner
  • Benton County Planning Commissioner
  • Kennewick Code Enforcement Board

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